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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Care for a budget data center?

Internet applications have radically changed the dynamics of file sharing and storage. Millions of people now post and access billions of small files such as photos, blog posts, and video thumbnails around the clock. This creates headaches for data center architects trying to manage these applications using infrastructure never intended for these types of workloads. Clearly a new approach to data center and storage infrastructure to handle millions to billions of small files is required. So, needs for data center are extremely high of today’s demanding ICT services. Even school and small shops need a data center for them to manage their Local area network. It’s very hard to decide what product can be use for a budget data center. So it’s crucial for set of skill in data center management.

The point that should highlight is equipment selection, to construct and to maintain. These are the physical monitoring that required for a data center:

Air conditioning (20-24 ®C/ 55% max humidity),

backup power supply (Battery/External power/UPS),

fire and leaking protection system (Alarm),

put physical security system (if needed)

electrical system (rectifier/AC power).

For budget data center, use a simple network architecture you not need redundant network. It can reduce cost but it is risky when one of your equipment (switch/router etc) is in faulty. Choose low cost, friendly application and retain conventional file system capacities.

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