``Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yang bermaksud : "Adakah kamu mahu aku memberitahu kamu tentang suatu perkara yang aku takuti ke atas kamu daripada dajal? Mereka menjawab ; Sudah tentu wahai Rasulullah! Baginda pun berkata. " Syirik Khafi iaitu seorang lelaki bangun bersembahyang lalu dia memperelokkan sembahyangnya kerana ada orang memperhatikannya" ' '

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Care for a budget data center?

Internet applications have radically changed the dynamics of file sharing and storage. Millions of people now post and access billions of small files such as photos, blog posts, and video thumbnails around the clock. This creates headaches for data center architects trying to manage these applications using infrastructure never intended for these types of workloads. Clearly a new approach to data center and storage infrastructure to handle millions to billions of small files is required. So, needs for data center are extremely high of today’s demanding ICT services. Even school and small shops need a data center for them to manage their Local area network. It’s very hard to decide what product can be use for a budget data center. So it’s crucial for set of skill in data center management.

The point that should highlight is equipment selection, to construct and to maintain. These are the physical monitoring that required for a data center:

Air conditioning (20-24 ®C/ 55% max humidity),

backup power supply (Battery/External power/UPS),

fire and leaking protection system (Alarm),

put physical security system (if needed)

electrical system (rectifier/AC power).

For budget data center, use a simple network architecture you not need redundant network. It can reduce cost but it is risky when one of your equipment (switch/router etc) is in faulty. Choose low cost, friendly application and retain conventional file system capacities.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brightest place in town.

Location : Near Pasar Karat
Canon 18-55 IS kit

Last night, we are heading to pasar karat. I don’t know why it called it pasar karat. Maybe there were people selling antique goods for example old radio, antique television etc but it looks exactly the same with uptown, downtown and middletown that I found in KL. I saw this magnificent view of tang lung lighting while shopping, I told my friend to stop a while to take some picture. Not long time we spend on shooting because suddenly the light turns out. Oh No! After finish round the market, we go to Hutan Bandar to try cheapest western food found in JB.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Location : Somewhere in Pontian
Canon 18-55 IS Kit

Haha. I saw this otw back from ayer baloi. They put the flag on top, so only person who recognize the flag can join the party..muerhehe. Why dont they put same color on the canopy canvas too? For the owner this is just fun and I dont mean to harass you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Senja Nan Merah

Location: Sg. Ayer Baloi, Pontian
Tamron 17-55mm f/2.8 XR Di II
Its Sunday Evening 17 Feb 2010, after done photoshoot session at Ambok's wedding (professional la beb *sigh), I saw this beautiful lanscape, where place local fisherman landing their boats. We stop a while and get some pic. What a day!

IT'S TRUE.. Uniquely Singapore

Location: Bugis, Singapore (you can see Sim Lim Sq)
Canon 18-55 IS kit lense
Yesterday was my first time reaching Singapore with Mr Wong Ah Ping and Noraimee.On that day we go to Sim lim Square, Sim Lim Tower (Bugis) and Orchard Rd.
Here I could see numerous amazing view of exclusive landscape and buildings that make me feel the pulse of Singapore, the country that famous with hardworking nation. Special thanks for Mr Wong because teach us how to use MRT .Thank God, now i mastered on using the MRT, so I can go everywhere in Singapore. If I do have a lots of money. I guess....

Plan On Visiting Singapore?